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Springfield Water Treatment Services

What’s in Your Water?

It’s all about water. Given that it makes up 60% of the human body, water is crucial to our survival. That’s why we suggest making sure your home’s water is treated and made safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing. At All Klear All Hours, our team of plumbing professionals provides solutions for common water quality issues, such as:

  • Man-made products in water
  • Iron bacteria in water
  • Bad tasting water
  • Over-chlorinated in water
  • Sand or sediment in water
  • Smelly water
  • Brown water
  • Hard water
  • Sulfur water

These problems could pose a health hazard for people in your household. The worst part? Sometimes, you won’t even realize it right away. For example, consistently bathing in water that contains chemicals could result in dry skin and hair.

Finding Clean Water Solutions

When it comes to finding a solution for these issues, our team is ready to help. Not sure which avenue you want to explore? First, let’s help identify your problem with our highly accurate water tests. Here are a few of the types of tests our team can run on your property’s water:

  • Hard water tests
  • Iron water tests
  • Chlorine water tests
  • Hydrogen sulfite water tests
  • PH water tests
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS) water tests

Once we’ve run a few diagnostics, we can explore which treatment technology will best meet your needs.

Water Softeners vs. Water Filtration

Even though softener and filtration systems offer residents optimal water, the method in which these units operate is completely different.

Water filtration systems filter out the chemicals, sediment, minerals in your pipe’s water and are a good choice for homeowners battling hard water. Another advantage to filtration systems is flexibility. Whether you need filtration for your whole home or just one specific faucet, our team can find a trusted solution.

Water softeners operate in the complete opposite way. Instead of filtering out the harmful materials, softeners insert additives into your water to eliminate the bad taste and side effects that any contaminants might have. One major benefit to water softeners is diminishing the amount of build-up in your plumbing system. Due to the cleanliness of the water, softeners will also help detergent and soaps become more effective.

How Much Does a Water Treatment System Cost?

The cost of a water treatment system fully depends on the brand, type, and size of your system. At All Klear All Hours, our team of clean water specialists provides customers with a range of solutions. We trust our proudcts and will never push you toward spending more on an ineffective system. Here are a few of the brands and systems our team offers:

  • North Star water softener
  • Whirlpool water softener
  • Hague water softener
  • AO smith water softener
  • UV Max
  • Trojan UV Max
  • Sterilight UV
  • Pura UV system
  • Luminous UV System
  • Hellenbrand pro-mate 6.5
  • Hellenbrand ecomax
  • Hellenbrand E3
  • Hellenbrand pro-mate 1
  • Hellenbrand iron curtain 2.0
  • Hellenbrand storm

Every Drop of Water Counts

When it comes to your home’s water supply, every drop counts. Our team knows that providing customers with safe water can improve their health and well-being. We’re here to offer our professional assistance. It doesn’t matter if you’re battling hard water or a weird smell coming from your faucet. We’ll find your problem, assess the situation, and find a long-lasting solution.

Don’t let your life spill down the drain. Contact us today to make sure your water is safe to drink, cook, and bathe with!

  • Highly Trained Technicians
    All of our technicians are fully licensed and background checked. We participate in on-going training to stay on top of industry knowledge.
  • Respectful & Clean
    We care for our customers' homes as if they were our own. We always clean up after ourselves and we don't cut corners.
  • Emergency Services Available
    We are happy to offer around the clock assistance for your plumbing, heating, or cooling emergency.
  • Award Winning Service
    We are proud to be the only home service company in the area to win the Super Service Award 8 years in a row!
Hear From Our Happy Customers
  • “We couldn’t be happier!”
    Allan was amazing!!! He had my hot water heater fixed in a matter of minutes! He’s so good at what he does!! He alerted me to a danger and explained everything so well! He’s the best service technician we have ever had in our home (and there have been a lot!) we will always use All Klear for all our plumbing needs simply for Allan!! We couldn’t be happier!! He was just wonderful! So glad to have met him
    - Abbi M.
  • “Very thorough and explained everything well.”
    Super happy with the service we received. Very thorough and explained everything well. Very professional- Charles H. did a great job. I’ll be keeping them on file for any future needs we have. Thank you!
    - Loren W.
  • “Very helpful and professional”
    We recently had to make an after-hours call to All Klear when water started dripping from our basement ceiling. Allen was very helpful and professional. He helped us to diagnose and solve the problem with minimal hassle.
    - Autumn C.
  • “I highly recommend this company over all others!”
    My most recent service was to our HVAC system which stopped during the first day of a recent streak of excessively hot weather. I made a service appointment online that night and the next morning technician, Zach Giesler, repaired the problem within one hour. In the past 4 years, I have used this company both for a broken sewer line and HVAC services. They are the most professional company I have used in my 36 years as a homeowner in both the St. Louis and Springfield areas. The plumbers and HVAC technicians are very courteous & fully explain what the problem is and do not surprise you with unexpected costs. They also contact you and provide a photo of the technician before their arrival. From my previous experiences, this rarely occurs. I highly recommend this company over all others!
    - Nick B.
  • “Definitely recommend!”
    Karim was great, very professional, efficient and he put in effort to try to help me save money. Definitely recommend!
    - Maddi P.
  • “Highly recommend.”
    Highly recommend. I ran into issues with my air conditioner on a Saturday, got a quick answer on the phone and they sent out Bobby the tech as soon as he was able. He was great, got right to work, and confidently diagnosed the problem
    - Madi K.
  • “So polite and so professional!”
    Jayden was so good at explaining everything to us. So polite and so professional! Out of 5 companies that I called yours was the only company to respond. Thank you!
    - Dawn R.
  • “Wonderful job!”
    All the representatives did a wonderful job! Jayden, tech, Barry, sales, Destyn, Luke and Gabe, installation.
    - Loretta T.