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Generator Repair & Installation

Generator Repair & Installation in Springfield

Quality Generator Installation You Can Rely On

At All Klear All Hours Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, we understand how crucial it is to have a reliable generator, especially during times of crisis or unforeseen power outages. Your comfort, safety, and peace of mind is our priority, and we are committed to ensuring your home or business is equipped with a dependable generator to power through unexpected interruptions.

We know that living in Springfield can sometimes mean coping with harsh weather conditions that can lead to power failures. We also realize how disruptive and stressful these situations can be. That's why we are here - to provide top-notch generator repair and installation services whenever you need them. Trust us to be your partners in ensuring uninterrupted power supply, no matter the weather outside.

Call us at (417) 228-8252 or fill out our online form to schedule a generator repair or installation in Springfield.

When to Install a Generator

Generators are not just a luxury, but a necessity in situations where regular power supply is disrupted. You might consider installing a generator if you live in an area prone to power outages due to weather conditions or if you depend on electrically powered medical equipment. Businesses that rely on refrigeration or have sensitive computer systems should also consider investing in a generator.

You may want to consider installing a generator if you:

  • Live or work in a location that often experiences power outages, such as Missouri's famous "dead summers"
  • Own a business that relies heavily on electricity
  • Are an elderly or disabled person who depends on medical equipment that requires power
  • Live in a home that has historic wiring
  • Have a large house or property with multiple rooms and buildings

Generators come in a variety of sizes, so it is possible to install one that fits your specific needs and budget. Even though generators can be expensive to install, they can be a great investment if you live in a place where outages are common.

Quality Generator Repair Services in Springfield

In addition to installation, our team at All Klear All Hours Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric also specializes in generator repair services. Our highly trained technicians have the expertise to troubleshoot any issues your generator may be experiencing and provide prompt and efficient repairs.

Signs your generator may need repair include:

  • Failure to start or provide power
  • Loud or unusual noises when running
  • Leaking fuel or oil
  • Overheating

If you are experiencing any of these issues, do not hesitate to contact us for professional generator repair services. Ignoring these problems could lead to more significant and costly repairs in the future.

Just like any other machinery, generators require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Our team at All Klear All Hours Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric offers comprehensive maintenance services for all types of generators. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your generator and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Our generator maintenance services include:

  • Changing the oil and filters
  • Checking fuel levels and refilling as needed
  • Inspecting and cleaning all components, including spark plugs and air filters
  • Testing the battery and electrical connections
  • Checking for any potential issues or damages

When your generator needs repair or installation, you should not try to handle the job on your own. The components of a generator are dangerous and require the expertise of our experienced technicians. We have years of experience repairing all kinds of generators, and we can also install a new generator if yours is beyond repair.

Call us at (417) 228-8252 or contact us online for generator repair or installation in Springfield.

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    All of our technicians are fully licensed and background checked. We participate in on-going training to stay on top of industry knowledge.
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Hear From Our Happy Customers
  • “We couldn’t be happier!”
    Allan was amazing!!! He had my hot water heater fixed in a matter of minutes! He’s so good at what he does!! He alerted me to a danger and explained everything so well! He’s the best service technician we have ever had in our home (and there have been a lot!) we will always use All Klear for all our plumbing needs simply for Allan!! We couldn’t be happier!! He was just wonderful! So glad to have met him
    - Abbi M.
  • “Very thorough and explained everything well.”
    Super happy with the service we received. Very thorough and explained everything well. Very professional- Charles H. did a great job. I’ll be keeping them on file for any future needs we have. Thank you!
    - Loren W.
  • “Very helpful and professional”
    We recently had to make an after-hours call to All Klear when water started dripping from our basement ceiling. Allen was very helpful and professional. He helped us to diagnose and solve the problem with minimal hassle.
    - Autumn C.
  • “I highly recommend this company over all others!”
    My most recent service was to our HVAC system which stopped during the first day of a recent streak of excessively hot weather. I made a service appointment online that night and the next morning technician, Zach Giesler, repaired the problem within one hour. In the past 4 years, I have used this company both for a broken sewer line and HVAC services. They are the most professional company I have used in my 36 years as a homeowner in both the St. Louis and Springfield areas. The plumbers and HVAC technicians are very courteous & fully explain what the problem is and do not surprise you with unexpected costs. They also contact you and provide a photo of the technician before their arrival. From my previous experiences, this rarely occurs. I highly recommend this company over all others!
    - Nick B.
  • “Definitely recommend!”
    Karim was great, very professional, efficient and he put in effort to try to help me save money. Definitely recommend!
    - Maddi P.
  • “Highly recommend.”
    Highly recommend. I ran into issues with my air conditioner on a Saturday, got a quick answer on the phone and they sent out Bobby the tech as soon as he was able. He was great, got right to work, and confidently diagnosed the problem
    - Madi K.
  • “So polite and so professional!”
    Jayden was so good at explaining everything to us. So polite and so professional! Out of 5 companies that I called yours was the only company to respond. Thank you!
    - Dawn R.
  • “Wonderful job!”
    All the representatives did a wonderful job! Jayden, tech, Barry, sales, Destyn, Luke and Gabe, installation.
    - Loretta T.